The history of CherrySys is based on the experiences of the founding partners who identified, in the early 2000s, gaps in the way companies run their businesses, replicating inefficient models, failing to implement new strategies and undermining their results. From these studies, the opportunity to create a different company was identified, which stood out by its way of acting. Thus, it was defined that the philosophy of CherrySys would be directed to the foundations of a company of the progressive era. As a strategy, mechanisms were created that made the personal and organizational objectives compatible. People, by their needs, are willing to support the company's goals. The leaders feel motivated to give conditions so that the needs of the company are met. One of the strengths of a progressive company is that people talk about strategies, results, and themselves. The progressive company adopts an administration based on transparency, where numbers are made available to everyone and where everyone is fully aware of what happens to their work. Employments are translated into performance indicators and these feed a system of meritocracy. A progressive company is also aware of the factors that drive a company.
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With more than 129 projects completed over 10 years, we are a large company, serving banks, laboratories and retail companies.




To help you grow your business, our carefully selected specialists can guide you in the following areas:
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Fintech - Project Financing

Who We Are

The CherrySYS fintech is an entrepreneurship program that unites dream, experience and opportunities.

We have the dream of transforming and facilitating people's lives, giving them control of their finances in a simple and transparent way. Do you have an innovative solution that challenges the status quo?
Who We look for
The dreamers, the restless and the nonconformists who share our purpose to transform and want to improve people's lives.

Count on our services and fulfill your dream