What brings you confidence in your contractor? What do you look at before making a choice? Rich portfolio, awarded apps? Check Testimonials and recommendations? Check Affordable rates? Check. But there is one more thing that showcases the professionalism of the company’s employees: certifications.

CherrySYS has everything mentioned above, and we pay special attention and value our certifications, doing our best to make sure that your project is handled by the best specialists a client can have. Certifications play an important role in the personal career of an IT professional, as well as in activities of the whole company. Here are several certifications to present us as worthy candidates for creating your software product.

ISO 9001:2008

Quality has always been the aspect to emphasize, and we treasure it and give it to our clients. Now our quality control is certified with high-class international standards – ISO 9001:2008. Renowned were all of our key activities: mobile development, quality assurance, UI design, development of websites, web services, and cross-platform products. This is a true reward for struggling to make your products perfect.


Our quality assurance department do their best to keep the high standards of quality and apply them to your software. The international ISTQB certification is one of the world's leading acknowledgements of professional skills of our QA engineers. All of this is done to make you confident in our care about the quality and value of what we create for you.


Scrum is a methodology of project management that allows flexible, quick, and responsive iterative software development. In other words, it allows to quickly respond to changes in requirements that always arise in the development process. Professional Scrum Master is a certification that shows our ability to create high-quality software that always remains relevant and up-to-date, even under the constant changes in business and IT world.